Pollution Research Paper

Vol. 36, Issue 1, 2017; Page No.(22-27)




The study presented in this paper investigated the abandoned quarries and their influences on environment and urban live ability in Vasileva region. The overall assessment is that the environmental degradation and pollution from mining activities in Kosovo is quite a serious problem. Variety of mineral resources, has influenced the development of more rapid activities in this sector, but unfortunately, utilization of control and disposal of waste material cause many environmental damages and concerns, but also security problems for the community in those localities. However, in the last decade, there is a serious problem of illegal exploitation of numerous quarries, which have degraded the entire surface, environment, creating very harsh landscapes, but also a high-risk area for the community. These problems require a serious review, analysis and implementation of protective measures such as re-cultivation, but also a long-term monitoring. Reclamation of degraded abandoned quarries represents the final part of mining activities, and therefore means to undertake complex activities: geological, mining, urban, biotechnical, biological, architectonic. In Kosovo it is necessary to develop a full re-cultivation of such mining activities, respectively, reclamation to be successful it must legally have generated by the law. Which is not the case actually? Any other improvisation and direction, taking gradually in stages, will result with a depression of environment and degraded condition of public health. The analysis from this research proposes the need for implementation of environmental law guidelines. By incorporating the new strategies in the legal guidelines and encourage the rehabilitation, it is expected to have a significant positive impact in communities and the environment of Kosovo.

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